Water level - Fries Scheepvaart Museum

What will Friesland look like in 2100 if the sea level continues to rise? Artistic photographer Maartje Roos from Heerenveen meticulously researched this question. She studied historical map material, plucked out future climate scenarios and talked to experts. The result is a new series of works entitled The sea has free rein? The first work, Kwelder Sneek, can be seen along with other new and existing works at the Fries Scheepvaart Museum.

"On the water you see a lot more" says Maartje. "Because of the waves and light, the image is constantly changing. That's why I love being there." These changing conditions also sometimes make things pretty difficult for her. For instance in the work Roekoepolle, which she made last summer. "I wanted to show sailing classes on it that are important for Sneekweek. Most of them only go into the water at races or sailing club events. So in Sneekweek it had to happen. But exactly during that week, it often blew far too hard to sail. And when they did manage to sail, the sun wasn't shining or the wind was just wrong for my image. In the end, I only managed to photograph the Dertigkwadraat properly during Sneekweek, all the other sailboats had to go at a later date."

Maartje Roos actually uses her camera like a painter uses paint. After photographing all the elements in the right way, she then combines them to create a whole new image. Something that does not actually exist or cannot be captured in a shot can be created this way anyway. The works literally and figuratively consist of multiple layers and stories in which the artist manipulates time and space to her will.