About Museum Zuidwest Friesland

Joining knowledge and forces to grow together
The Stichting Samenwerking Musea Zuidwest Friesland is an alliance of nine museums in the municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân.
Core values
Unity (in) individuality, connecting, proud, involved, cooperating.
Our mission
  • representation and advocacy on behalf of member museums.
  • improving mutual cooperation, communication and knowledge sharing.
  • increasing public outreach.
  • stimulating cooperation with government bodies, educational institutions, businesses and other organisations.
Our vision
  • Quality: promoting and encouraging the development of new thematic presentations within the various collections.
  • Publics: respond to changing trends and developments and thus attract mre audiences.
  • Education: developing educational programmes for primary and secondary schools.
  • Digitisation: stimulating the digital opening-up of the museum collections.
  • Technological development: deploy and share knowledge of modern presentation techniques technologies with the aim of making presentations more accessible.
  • (Organisational) support: knowledge sharing and help in the field of marketing, collection management, grant applications, sustainability, personnel and volunteer management and other aspects.