Fries Scheepvaart Museum Sneek
Discover the rich history of shipping in Friesland
Kleinzand 16 - 8601 BH - Sneek
Experience authentic, Frisian waterland
Go on an expedition through the history of Frisian shipping and that of the city of Sneek.
The Frisian Lakes, the Wadden Sea, the Elfstedentocht. Mention Friesland and you think of water. The Fries Scheepvaart Museum, in the heart of the picturesque Elfsteden town of Sneek, is entirely dedicated to this subject. Go on an expedition through the history of Frisian shipping and that of the city of Sneek and its surroundings. From Skûtsjesilen to Sneekweek. From Pampus to flatboats and from the Frisian navy to the Sneker Waterpoort.

In many ways, you will be taken into the beautiful, authentic, Frisian waterland. The shipping department deals with Frisian coastal shipping, inland navigation (skûtsjes), inland waterway shipping, fishing, cargo shipping, shipbuilding and the Frisian Admiralty. Popular are the more than 300 ship models; from small to lifelike.

Period rooms, from fancy dining rooms to farmhouse upstairs rooms, take you back to the 18th and 19th centuries. You can experience how the local merchants lived in the Sneker Oudheidkamer. There is also attention for frozen water: the ice hall is dedicated to the Frisian popular sport par excellence: skating. The Fries Scheepvaart Museum also organises constantly changing exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

The Fries Scheepvaart Museum is a very child-friendly museum, it has not been rewarded with the 'Best Kidsproof Museum of Friesland' designation for nothing. The Children's Museum was created especially for them and is very popular! Play in a real sea scow, learn to build a raft, try if you can pull a skûtsje, dress up as a Viking and hoist the sails of the life-size Viking ship and much more. The museum also offers the family route. With a loot bag full of materials, you can wander through the museum together. A real Viking gives the family, via the audio tour, assignments: treasure hunting, trading with chopped silver, navigating with a sun stone and much more.

The Fries Scheepvaart Museum: the history of Frisian shipping brought to life.

  • Discovery tour through the history of shipping in Friesland
  • Elfstedentocht, Skûtsjesilen and Sneek's Waterpoort
  • Best kid-friendly museum in the province
  • Changing exhibitions three times a year.
  • Five beautiful period rooms and a silver room

History of the Fries Scheepvaart Museum

Lucas Poppinga, the mayor of Sneek, was one of the founders of the Fries Scheepvaart Museum Association in 1938. During Sneek Week, they organised a temporary exhibition. This proved a resounding success: more than 3,600 people attended. Due to World War II, a permanent museum did not materialise for the time being. The collection moved to attics and cellars. In 1947, the Society found accommodation on Kleinzand and the new museum was officially opened.

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