Modelspoormuseum Sneek
Unique collection of miniature trains: largest collection in Europe
Doctor Boumaweg 17b - 8601 GM - Sneek
Control miniature railways or virtually the HSL
View all kinds of scale train models and landscapes.

The largest collection of model trains (±10,000) in the whole of Europe can be found in Sneek. All kinds of scale train models, many types, old, new, goods trains, many types of wagons and passenger models. Landscapes, stations, freight sheds, signal boxes, yards and many more faithfully reproduced miniatures. Operate wonderful miniature railway tracks yourself or virtually ride on the HSL? The National Model Railway Museum in Sneek is an experience.

Because model trains, and the environment they are in, tell the history of a country in miniature. At the National Model Railway Museum, this is done using the huge collection of Dutch and international trains. Very special are the two so-called factory tracks from Märklin and Fleischmann, the two leading German brands that entire generations have played with.

The Nationaal Modelspoormuseum's extraordinary collection starts with the first locomotive in the Netherlands: De Arend from 1839. Other masterpieces in the collection are famous Swiss Crocodile, the NS Plan D Turquoise with locomotive NS1004, the Blue Brabander, trains of American brand America Flyer, the famous NS Yellow Doghead and the NS 1501.

The museum has the collection of Sneeker antique dealer and valuer Piet Scheltema as its base, but it has expanded massively over the years. There are miniature examples of just about everything that has run on Dutch railways in recent decades. But foreign tracks also find a place there, for instance the so-called Snitser Berg Baan built (referring to the Schweizerische Bundesbahnen) has been recreated. Equally fascinating are the dioramas (lifelike 3D representations). At the National Model Railway Museum, they are there from Rotterdam, from train landscapes in Germany and Norway and other versions.

The National Model Railway Museum in Sneek is ideally suited for children. They are allowed to operate a number of model railways themselves and there is also a Brio model railway available.

Apart from the permanent exhibition, there are regularly attractive themed exhibitions.

The Nationaal Modelspoormuseum Sneek: a fascinating experience for young and old.

  • Running your own model trains
  • Largest collection in Europe
  • Faithfully constructed railway tracks
  • Exciting treasure hunt for children
  • Interesting themed exhibitions
  • For curious minds and model railway fans from 3 to 100 years of age

Appie Baantjer and the National Model Railway Museum Sneek

The well-known author Appie Baantjer, who wrote the novels about the Amsterdam detective De Cock, was a model railway enthusiast and collector. Specifically of LGB trains (Lehmann Gross Bahn), model trains slightly larger than the usual scale, which he ran in his garden. Baantjer was a regular visitor to the Nationaal Modelspoormuseum Sneek. After his death in 2010, he left the museum his large collection of rails, trains and props.

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