Museum Warkums Erfskip
About the history of Workum and surroundings, located in the Old Weigh House and in the old Town Hall
Merk 4 - 8711 CL - Workum
Immerse yourself in the history of Workum
Housed in the authentic Weigh House and former town hall.

Museum Warkums Erfskip is situated in the picturesque centre of Elfstedenstad Workum, at the foot of the monumental Grote or Sint-Gertrudiskerk. Warkums Erfskip (Frisian for Workums Erfgoed) is Workum's archaeological society founded in 1951. The museum immerses you in the history of the town of Workum and the surrounding towns, villages, hamlets and hamlets.

The well-organised, cosy museum is housed in two locations. In the authentic Waag, on one side of the historic town square, and in the former town hall, on the other side of the square. Not coincidentally, these are historically two of the most important buildings of Workum, the Elfsteden town that received city rights in the year 1399.

Incidentally, Workum received those city rights thanks to the presence of the Waag, which made the Zuiderzee town the region's sea trade and shipping centre. In 1504, the Workumer el (70.9 cm) was even declared the standard length measure for all of Friesland. A city of importance, then!

Through a wonderful collection of pottery, objects, ceramics, models, stories and multimedia applications, Museum Warkums Erfskip takes visitors on a journey through the past of this beautiful, historically important, city.

Experience the feeling of shopping back then in the grocery shop of the former company Gaastra. Experience the exciting stories of 18th-century coffin skipper Huijte Fookles who washed ashore on the beach of Soulac in France with his ship during a storm. Enjoy the impressive tile pictures in Museum Warkums Erfskip.

In It Stedhûs (the Town Hall), the second location, are the beautifully restored rooms and a fascinating exhibition on World War II and the resistance in Workum. Experience, through the stories, memories, objects and multi-media applications, life during the harsh occupation period.

Besides the permanent exhibitions, there are also changing exhibitions on topics related to Workum and its history.

Warkums Erfskip: experience Workum from the Waag.

  • About the history of Workum and its surroundings
  • Located in the Old Weigh House and in the old Town Hall
  • Glassware, trinkets, clothing, toys, grocery shop, tile tableaux and wall decorations.
  • Unique letter collection on 17th/18th century worldview
  • Permanent WW2 exhibition: 'War and Resistance in Workum'

Huijte Fookles; stranded in France

The equally exciting and extraordinary account of 18th-century kofschipper Huijte Fookles forms the core of an interesting presentation in museum Warkums Erfskip. Huijte ended up on the French beach near Soulac in a storm. A letter from his shipowner, recently found by chance in The National Archives in London, advises him to take out the cargo and scrap the ship. What will Huijte do?

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