Museum it Tsiispakhûs
History of dairy preparation with changing and diverse exhibits.
Ald Hiem 2 - 8731 BR - Wommels
Authentic cheese warehouse
Unique, cosy and educational museum

Museum it Tsiispakhûs, the cheese warehouse, its name prominently displayed on the roof, is housed in an authentic cheese warehouse from 1905. This national monument is located on the Bolswarder trekvaart in Wommels, near Sneek and Bolsward.

Milk and its processing, with an emphasis on cheese, are the central themes of this educational museum. The path taken by milk 'from grass to glass' is explained through footage, old dairy tools and in other ways. The free audio tour is a great addition to this.

In addition, the museum also presents a new perspective on agriculture, as methods of the past are compared with today's methods. This makes the Tsiispakhûs unique, instructive and interesting. It not only looks at history, but also at the present. This enforces respect for the agricultural sector, the industry that helped give Friesland its prosperity. This makes It Tsiispakhûs unique, instructive and interesting.

It Tsiispakhûs is a child-friendly museum. Children can have fun with a life-size puzzle of a cow where all organs can be removed. They discover how a churn works, see the unique model steam butter factory from 1910 that can be put into operation, how a scale works, and learn how a cow is milked. Trying, touching, experiencing, investigating: children do this naturally. At It Tsiispakhûs, they are most welcome.

Besides the permanent exhibition, there are also regular temporary exhibitions on the same theme, dairy and its processing. Workshops and lectures are organised on the subject.

Wommels is known for its rich history of butter, cheese production and cheese trading. Experience this history in Wommels, Easterein and the surrounding villages. Discover the solidly built cheese merchant's houses and the village pub, which housed a butter and cheese weighing house around 1875.

It Tsiispakhûs in Wommels: unique, cosy and educational museum on the Bolswarder Trekvaart

  • History of dairy production
  • Former cheese warehouse (1905), national monument on the Bolswarder Trekfeart
  • Changing exhibitions on industrial and cultural heritage and the history of dairy farming in Friesland
  • Unique model steam butter factory from 1910
  • Instructive for young and old

History of the building

The order to build it Tsiispakhûs was given by cheese trader Leendert Feitsma early last century. The specific equipment, insulation and ventilation possibilities were purely aimed at storing his trade: cheese. From 1905, the warehouse was full. It was used as such until the 1970s, after which it became a storage space for the bidding service. In 1985, it was sold, restored and set up as a museum.

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