What is the purpose of Museum Zuidwest Friesland?

Museum Zuidwest Friesland forms a unique collaboration between nine museums, united under the Stichting Samenwerking Musea Zuidwest Friesland. Our cooperation is founded on the core values of unity in uniqueness, connection, pride, involvement and teamwork. Our main goal is to represent and promote the interests of our member museums. We achieve this by strengthening mutual cooperation, communication and knowledge sharing, increasing our audience reach and actively cooperating with various external parties, such as government bodies, educational institutions and companies.

Our vision includes promoting quality and innovation within our collections by developing new thematic presentations. We focus on attracting wider audiences by responding to changing trends and developing educational programmes for schools. Moreover, we stimulate the digital and technological accessibility of our collections. We also provide support in areas such as marketing, collection management, grant applications, sustainability, and personnel management. Through these efforts, we aim not only to strengthen our individual museums, but also to promote and celebrate the cultural wealth of the South-West Friesland region as a whole.